All Brite Kitchen and Flooring - Does not pay contractors money owed after work is performed!

Naperville, Illinois 2 comments
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All Brite Kitchen & Flooring hired us to do install work for them on various jobs.The owner, Frank, is a liar and an un-trustworthy person to do business with.

Payments were never received from All Brite & customers were highly disappointed! We completed all work asked, and never got paid on a number of jobs. Many checks given to us for payment bounced and additional fees were paid out of our pocket. All Brite owes us over $15,000!

After many attempts to collect debt over a year's time period, we still haven't had any success!

Terrible company!Do NOT use for any of your home remodeling needs!

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Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada #620500

I have also been trying to get a refund from Frank LaMark and he says the check is in the mail!!!How can this man get away with scamming so many people?

There must be something that we as consumers and contractors can do to stop this fraud!!!Let's start a campaign to stop him from frauding other innocent people!!!!:(


Supplied cabinets for Frank Lamark of All Brite Kitchen and Flooring and received two checks that bounced. Cabinets were for his own residence delivered October ,2009.

To this date he still owes $2,500.00 and will not return calls or make an attempt to set up a payment program.

He continues to scam people with his new company called "RTA-Cabinets"

All Brite Kitchen and Flooring - Avoid the Fight. Stay Away from All-Brite

Cicero, Illinois 11 comments

All Brite Kitchen and Flooring is a unreputable kitchen design company based in Wood Dale, IL.

All Brite uses questionable business practices that has led to extensive dissatisfied customers. In our particular case, All Brite used high pressure sales tactics that were extremely deceptive. They obtained a deposit based upon a contract that stipulated it was refundable prior to an order being placed. All Brite failed to honor the terms of their contract and remit a refund to us. Beyond this, we negotiated a settlement with them after involving the IL Attorney General's office and they also failed to comply with the settlement terms.

Any consumer considering using All Brite for Omega Cabinetry or any other design/build work should look elsewhere.

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Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada #620498

This man, Frank LaMark, must have many companies and should not be trusted.I have been trying to get a refund of over $1000.00 for years now and he is quite the liar - check is in the mail.

Now the company will not answer my calls and have blocked my emails.

Totally upsetting and angry that he is allowed to get away with this!!!:(


I worked for Frank for a short while, my paychecks could not be cashed for weeks due to no funds in his account! And monies promised by Frank were never paid to me! Total scammer!

to disappointed Texas, United States #869009

Dear disappointed, Please if you will give me Frank LaMarks Address associated with aka in stock cabinets Inc.I need to know the address of this company so the BBB can send him a complaint message from me.

Thank-you so much.

to BlueNinja #1144518

He now operates as Cabinet Mania out of Munster, IN and Milwaukee, WI.


Our phone calls and emails to Frank Lamark there in Illinois (Cabinets Direct RTA) are also being ignored from our earlier online rta cabinet order, this saga has been going on for months now. He apparently closes one kitchen cabinet web site and then opens another when the complaints start to build.

We did a search (after he had our money, he would not ship the cabinets, and then ignored our emails) and he of course shows up everywhere on Google when searching for "Frank Lamark Scam", too late for us though.

We also found one site you can locate online by searching for "Research Frank Lamark" (or varitations of that), it even has police mugshots of the guy if you want to know what Frank Lamark looks like or want a Frank Lamark photo, or even who is Frank Lamark for that matter - they're there!

There's also a link to his official court case record with 36 or so of Frank Lamark's court cases listed.

If you got ripped off too I highly recommend you post links to information about him and his business practices (fraud practices) to WARN OTHERS about Frank Lamark and!


I have had missing pieces from my kitchen cabinet remodel for over 3 months.After month 2 i wasn't even able to get ahold of him at all, he would not respond.

Left voice mails at the main numbers, left voice mails at his personal cell phone, multiple emails, and even tried to visit the store (which is almost always closed). Finally we tricked him into appointment after scheduling under a fake name through his website.

Don't bother with the hassle with this man.Go for the big box stores that will do the job right!


Frank LaMark is a complete piece of ***. Anyone with a dispute should show up at his place of business and demand payment. That is the only way you will get paid.

You may need to wait awhile as he hides out like a snake in back but even the worst rodents eventually surface.

Great Site!!!!!!


Do Not use this company--Rip Off--Frank LaMark is now working under the company name of Cabinets Direct--new company formed in March of 2010--previous companies dissolved involuntarily--He will take your money, not deliver-liar and scam artist. Read BBB reviews--Rated an F!!!


Stay away!Stay away!

Stay away!They lie, cheat and steal.


I had a horrible experience with All Brite as well. I cannot believe they are still in business with deceptive business practices, such as taking your money and not delivering the goods.



Pissed Consumer is the greatest website. Allowing customers with a forum to warn other unsuspecting customers of experiences is great.

With a big ticket purchase like a kitchen, this site's services are truly valued.

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